Viper Lock (Product Design and Development @ MIT) (click)

100K Accelerate Competition – SunDryFruit (click)

Daktari Diagnostics Inc (Internship) (click)

Hammered Dulcimer / Santoor (click)

This is one of those projects that was started to make IAP more meaningful. But ended up being a work in progress. I am in the process of making a Hammered Dulcimer to play around with. I haven’t yet begun the building process, but will start off soon. The CAD model is all done with the wood waiting to be cut up and joined together. I managed to google my way through some limited information to extrapolate what the design should be. From what I have read the key challenge is to ensure that the frame does not implode under the string tension. Hoping I get to build this as soon as I have some free time on my hand.

No, No, Fast Hands down there isn’t me. But that’s the instrument I am trying to build and hopefully play sooner rather than later.

MIT RC Cars 2.810 (click)

This was a class project where we had a team of 8 students. We had to design and build 8 identical Radio Control Cars and race them at the end of the semester. One car, One lap. After designing the chassis, the control box (which had all the electronics – RF Reciever, Servo Motor, Battery, Lap timer and the controller), the steering mechanism, the wheel pattern for suspension, we decided to head over to the machine shop. We had the chassis, water jet and then machine using a mill to add the drafts. This machined chassis was then sand-casted to produce 8 identical chassis. We machined the rest of the parts, like the steering V’s, the control box, water jetted the wheels. By the end of the semester we had our 8 cars and we raced. We had some pretty good competition !!!

Formula SAE India 2011 (click)

Self Balancing Personal Transportation System (Award Winning Senior Design Project) (click)

John Deere Technology Center, India (Internship)

Span Associates (Internship)

 Winter Internship at a Filtration Equipment Manufacturer in December 2009.

Solar Cell Car

Mini Solar Cell Powered Car